Our Mission

The Greater Washington Partnership is a first-of-its-kind civic alliance of CEOs in the region, drawing from the leading employers and entrepreneurs committed to making the Capital Region– from Baltimore to Richmond – one of the world’s best places to live, work and build a business.

Our Vision

By working together, we will leverage our unique strengths, our diversity and the power of commerce to help make the ‘Capital Region’ of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond...
... a place with the transportation, housing,
education, and healthcare systems designed and
shaped for the 21st century.
... a global magnet for talent
and innovation.
... a dynamic and inventive
business environment with a
purpose driven community.
... the best place to work,
raise a family and build
a business.
... a home for those seeking
the opportunity to fulfill their
aspirations and thrive.
... an economic power house
that attracts the creatives,
entrepreneurs, technologists
and people who dream big.
Establishing Baltimore, Richmond and Washington as the model for a thriving super-region.

How we work

The Greater Washington Partnership is committed to being part of the solution. We are committed to being action-oriented, focused on a limited set of issues where a super- regional, fact-based approach can facilitate progress toward achieving our vision. We leverage our CEOs and their organizations’ capabilities, resources, and influence in service of the public interest and, by working together across sectors, geographies and jurisdictions, - strive to break down barriers that hold back solutions. Only through collaboration can our super-region reach its true potential and achieve a better future.
Read our CEO’s memo to the region